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Christiana Figueres (2015)

Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen is a Costa Rican diplomat. She was appointed Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on May 17, 2010, succeeding Yvo de Boer. Figueres had been a member of the Costa Rican negotiating team since 1995, involved in both UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol negotiations. She has contributed to the design of key climate change instruments. She is a prime promoter of Latin America’s active participation in the Convention, a frequent public speaker, and a widely published author. She won the Hero for the Planet award in 2001.

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About the Christiana Figueres Interview

I have been working for many years to increase action on climate change around the world and I currently head up the UN Climate Change Secretariat, or UNFCCC. We are working hard on a transformative global climate change agreement in Paris at COP21 this December.

I will be here today around 12 noon Eastern Time in the US / 5:00 p.m. Paris time to answer questions about climate change, the international process towards a new, universal climate agreement and the amazing groundswell of global action we are seeing.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/CFigueres/status/658674480743514113

Thanks everyone for not only taking the time to ask questions, but for asking such profound questions. You have challenged me. Thanks for that! I have to go to dinner with the hardworking team who is helping draft the new climate agreement. I hope they give me at least a couple of minutes of non-work. Please keep up with progress in Paris by following me @CFigueres on Twitter or by following the #COP21 hashtag.

Christiana Figueres Oct 28, 2015