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Tommy Pallotta (2014)

Tommy Pallotta is an American film director and producer.

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About the Tommy Pallotta Interview

Hi, I'm Tommy Pallotta. I lurk on reddit daily, but this is my first time doing an AMA.

A little bit about me: I enjoy telling stories with technology. So I blend a lot of animation and live-action. I read some interesting articles that explained the reasons behind Somali piracy that I didn't know, and then Femke Volting (whom I co-directed this film with) suggested that we animate part of it. So we did.

You can view the trailer and the interactive documentary at http://lasthijack.com/

The film is being released in New York (Quad) & LA (Downtown independent) theaters this Friday, and it will be on iTunes exclusively on October 7-14, and after the 14th on all on-demand platforms.

Ask me anything about Last Hijack (or WAKING LIFE or A SCANNER DARKLY) as well. Live from reddit NY headquarters with Victoria assisting me. AMA.

https://twitter.com/reddit_AMA/status/516668427185188864 (retweet)

Edit: Thanks for all your questions. I have to run to something else right now. I will try to log in later tomorrow to see if there are any more questions that I can answer.

Tommy Pallotta Sep 29, 2014