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Tas Pappas (2014)

Tasou Micah Pappas, better known as Tas Pappas, is an Australian sponsored skateboarder. He was previously a professional skateboarder, primarily in the discipline of vert skateboarding, and competed in a number of major international events. During the 1990s, he and brother Ben Pappas were highly regarded skateboarders on a global scale, reaching the top two places in the world rankings.

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About the Tas Pappas Interview

The guys at VICE, Eddie, George, Greg and James, the producer behind Senna and Exit Through the Gift Shop helped me tell mine and my brothers story. Check out the film HERE!

EDIT: Thanks for asking the questions, I've got to go to work, but if you've got more questions just send them through and I'll get back to you.

Tas Pappas Sep 10, 2014