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Peter Thiel (2014)

Peter Andreas Thiel is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. Thiel cofounded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk and served as its CEO. He also cofounded Palantir, of which he is chairman. He serves as president of Clarium Capital, a global macro hedge fund with $700 million in assets under management; a managing partner in Founders Fund, a venture capital fund with $2 billion in assets under management; and cofounder and investment committee chair of Mithril Capital Management. He was the first outside investor in Facebook, the popular social-networking site, with a 10.2% stake acquired in 2004 for $500,000, and sits on the company's board of directors. Thiel was ranked #293 on the Forbes 400 in 2011, with a net worth of $1.5 billion as of March 2012. He was ranked #4 on the Forbes Midas List of 2014 at $2.2 billion. Thiel lives in San Francisco, California.

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About the Peter Thiel Interview

My short bio: Hi, I'm Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, first investor in Facebook, venture capitalist at Founders Fund, and author of Zero to One.

Ask me about startups, business -- or anything.

My Proof: http://imgur.com/4gsDLkS

Update: Thanks reddit -- I had fun so I hope this is fun to read -- I have to go, but I look forward to the next one!

Peter Thiel Sep 11, 2014