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Nicholas Kristof (2014)

Nicholas Donabet Kristof is an American journalist, author, op-ed columnist, and a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes. He has written an op-ed column for The New York Times since November 2001 and The Washington Post says that he "rewrote opinion journalism" with his emphasis on human rights abuses and social injustices, such as human trafficking and the Darfur conflict. Although Kristof has sometimes been criticized for highlighting human rights abuses in Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has described Kristof as an "honorary African" for shining a spotlight on neglected conflicts.

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About the Nicholas Kristof Interview

Hi redditors. I'm Nicholas Kristof. I'm a New York Times columnist and co-author with my wife Sheryl WuDunn of the book A Path Appears, which was released Tuesday and will be a documentary that airs on PBS next January. A Path Appears is about how to make a difference -- and also, how in helping others, we invariably end up helping ourselves.

I will start the AMA at 3pm ET. I'm excited to answer your questions about A Path Appears and anything else!

**My Proof: http://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/09/19/my-reddit-ama-put-me-on-the-spot/

Edit: Thanks so much for sending in so many great questions. If you didn't get a chance to ask a question, find me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or come out to one of the places I'll be visiting on the A Path Appears book tour: http://apathappears.org/tour-dates/


Nicholas Kristof Sep 25, 2014