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Jay Pharoah (2014)

Jared Antonio Farrow, better known by his stage name Jay Pharoah, is an American actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, rapper, and voice actor. He joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live in 2010, for its thirty-sixth season.

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About the Jay Pharoah Interview

What's up Reddit?

It's Jay Pharoah, coming live from NBC Studios, home of the offices of Saturday Night Live. SNL's 40th season premiere is this Saturday with host Chris Pratt!

My new EP, The Resurrection, drops tomorrow! Ask me about comedy, my impressions, some highlights from my four seasons on SNL, hip-hop... whatever!




Thanks so much for your awesome questions, Reddit! As a reward for participating in this AMA, I've decided to give you a present: My new EP a day early!

Thanks again, and enjoy The Resurrection here: https://soundcloud.com/jaypharoah-jhullk/sets/the-resurrection/s-72eGB

Jay Pharoah Sep 22, 2014