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Jay Chandrasekhar (2014)

Jayanth Jambulingam "Jay" Chandrasekhar is an American actor, comedian, writer, and director best known for his work with the sketch comedy group Broken Lizard and for directing and starring in Broken Lizard films Super Troopers, Club Dread, and Beerfest. He has also developed a reputation as one of the industry’s go-to comedy filmmakers.

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About the Jay Chandrasekhar Interview

Hi. My name is Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers and Beerfest), and I'm here at AMA today with Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), who co-stars with me in the new AMAZON Instant Video pilot, "REALLY." REALLY is a show about four hard charging suburban Chicago couples who are trying to hang onto their dwindling youth. It's an adult comedy that, while sophisticated, is also quite dirty. Yes, yes, there's nudity, swearing and some heavy drinking. The show is meant to be funny, occasionally dramatic, but mostly, very, very honest.

You should watch it for free here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MR9YNF0/ref=tsm_1_tw_s_astu_nazdjs

I will be joined by /u/Sarah_Chalke today. Victoria from reddit's helping us get started. Ask us anything!

You can follow us on twitter



PROOF: https://twitter.com/reddit_AMA/status/507660748055937024

EDIT: Hey, Reddit. Sarah and I had a ball. Thanks for coming today and please go watch REALLY on Amazon Instant Video. It's free. And give us 5 stars!

Jay Chandrasekhar Sep 04, 2014