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Ira Sachs (2014)

Ira Sachs is an American filmmaker. His first film was the acclaimed short Lady. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, his films have included the Sundance Film Festival selection The Delta, the Sundance Film Festival Grand Prize winning Forty Shades of Blue, and Married Life, starring Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan. His film, Keep the Lights On, debuted at Sundance in 2012. His newest film, Love Is Strange, premiered at Sundance in 2014. Sachs is Jewish and openly gay. He lives and works in New York City.

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About the Ira Sachs Interview

Hi, my name is Ira Sachs. I'm a filmmaker based in New York City, and I've been making independent films since 1989, including The Delta, Sundance Grand Jury-prize winning Forty Shades of Blue, and the highly autobiographical Keep the Lights On. My most recent film is LOVE IS STRANGE, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a long-term couple who get married after 39 years together, and as a result lose both a job, and their apartment. The film also stars Marisa Tomei, and a host of wonderful NYC stage actors, including Cheyenne Jackson, Harriet Harris, Christina Kirk, and Adriane Lenox.

I am also the founder of two arts programs in NYC, Queer/Art/Film and Queer/Art/Mentorship, both of which were created to foster dialogue and conversation between queer artists from different disciplines and generations.

Okay, thank you all for engaging. I've enjoyed the conversation, and my first visit to Reddit. Have a great day one and all!

Ira Sachs Sep 09, 2014