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Anthony Pettis (2014)

Anthony Pettis is an American mixed martial artist. He is the current UFC Lightweight Champion. Pettis was also the final WEC Lightweight Champion prior to the promotion being merged into the UFC. As of March 17, 2014, he is #7 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

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About the Anthony Pettis Interview

**EDIT: Gotta catch a flight to New York. Thanks for hanging out with me. 'Til next time, eat your Wheaties.

My short bio: I'm Anthony Pettis, UFC Lightweight champion. I just won Wheaties Next thanks to my awesome fans, and now I'll be the first MMA fighter to ever be on the Wheaties box. Big fight coming up December 6th. Ask me anything!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/Showtimepettis/status/506892928334450688

Anthony Pettis Sep 02, 2014