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Richard Preston (2014)

Richard Preston, born August 5, 1954 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., is a New Yorker writer and bestselling author who has written books about infectious disease, bioterrorism, redwoods and other subjects, as well as fiction. Whether journalistic or fictional, his writings are based on extensive background research and interviews.

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About the Richard Preston Interview

I am Richard Preston, a writer who knows Ebola. I’m author of “The Hot Zone,” the book inspired by my 1992 article in The New Yorker. My [latest article] (http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/08/11/outbreak), published this week in the magazine, describes the current outbreak. I also wrote “Cobra Event” and “Demon in the Freezer” (the Dark Biology Triad). I’m happy to take questions about the Ebola situation now, or any of my books. Ask me anything!

Proof: Me with the skull of a crab-eating monkey, the species that was infected with Ebola, featured in “The Hot Zone” https://www.facebook.com/218144878241860/photos/a.218607071528974.52990.218144878241860/736779056378437/?type=1&theater


Update: My time's up, and thank you so much for your great questions, hope I answered a few. Please feel free to message me on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Preston/218144878241860

Richard Preston Aug 06, 2014