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Brad Rutter (2014)

Bradford Gates "Brad" Rutter is the biggest all-time money winner on the U.S. syndicated game show Jeopardy! and the biggest all-time money winner on a game show. In 19 regular season and tournament games, Rutter has never lost a Jeopardy! match against a human opponent. In 2011, both Rutter and Ken Jennings were routed in a two-day exhibition match against an IBM computer platform developed specifically to compete on Jeopardy!: Watson. Rutter finished third in the match: both his first defeat overall and the first time he finished behind a human opponent. Because of the nature of the man versus machine match being declared an exhibition match, none of the records from this match count towards official show records.

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I hold the title of the largest all-time money winner as a contestant on Jeopardy! and have never lost a game…to a human, that is. You can watch me compete in the Battle of the Decades Tournament semi-finals all next week. Go ahead, ask me anything.

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Brad Rutter Aug 22, 2014