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Wendy Williams (2014)

Wendy Williams Hunter, better known by her maiden name Wendy Williams, is an American media personality, actress and author. She hosts a syndicated television talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. Prior to television, Williams was a "shock jockette" on several radio shows. Williams has gained notoriety for her on-air spats with celebrities. She was the subject of the 2006 VH1 reality TV series called The Wendy Williams Experience which broadcast events surrounding her radio show. She has written an autobiography and several other books, and has created two product lines: an apparel line with QVC called Adorn by Wendy Williams and a wig line named Wendy Williams Hair World. On July 18, 2014, Williams' 50th birthday, she was honoured by the council of Asbury Park with the renaming of a street to Wendy Williams Way.

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About the Wendy Williams Interview

Hi, I'm Wendy Williams, I'm a wife and a mother and a talk-show host of the Wendy Williams Show. I'm a NY Times Bestselling author, I'm a producer, I'm a dancer, I was on Dancing With The Stars, and I do a lot more than that besides. And I'm about to turn 50, so I have a little bit of wisdom. I'm here to take your questions today along with Victoria, so AMAA!


Edit: Well, I'm sorry I have to go now. But I am still hungover from Vegas. And I would love to go home, take my wig off, lay on the couch, and be fresh for you tomorrow. Thank you for all of your questions, and thank you SO MUCH for your support!

Wendy Williams Jul 14, 2014