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Tim Ross (2014)

Timothy Jonathon Ross is an Australian comedian, radio host and television presenter. Ross is best known for performing stand-up comedy and radio works as part of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso with Merrick Watts.

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About the Tim Ross Interview

Hey guys. I'm a comedian that nobody has heard of. I'll answer any questions you have about being one of the thousands of comedians in the country who is out there making people laugh and getting money for it, but is a virtual unknown.

Here's a 20 second video of me telling a joke there are other videos on that channel if you want some mo things: http://youtu.be/C54muh31FS4

I've also done a ton of /r/standupshots like..over 200. Go check out that sub yall it's dope AF.

I've opened for Harland Williams, Tammy Pescatelli, The Smash Brother Cory n Chad, for weekends. I also did a festival and at one drunken point ended up being in the car with a very drunk Kyle Kinane. Ask me questions about whatever I don't have a show til 10 PM so I'll be around a while unless I decide to play Skyrim or take a nap. luv u.

Here is a proof thing on twitter but I don't think anybody would pretend to be me: https://twitter.com/TimRossComedy/status/540934608289021952

EDIT: Wow guys sorry I did end up playing Skyrim a whole lot! Didn't think this was gonna go any further. I have to head out to a show right now! I'll answer your questions in the morning! (Probably afternoon when I wake up)

If you have a short question hit me up on

Tim Ross Dec 05, 2014