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Jon Taffer (2014)

Jon Taffer is a film producer.

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About the Jon Taffer Interview

Hi, my name is Jon Taffer, and I'm back on reddit for my second AMA.

You may know me as host and executive producer of Bar Rescue. I have a brand-new app called THE BAR HQ for Android and iOS and my nightclub and bar convention is coming up in March (you can learn more on my site, http://www.jontaffer.com).

I want questions, not excuses.


Victoria's helping me out today. AMA!

Update Again, thank you. It's fun to do reddit. And thanks to everyone for coming to speak with me. Please check out my app, and watch my social feeds - I have some fun things coming in Spring and Summer. And if you're in the bar business, come to the Nightclub & Bar Convention in March! http://www.ncbshow.com


Jon Taffer Dec 22, 2014