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Zane Lamprey (2014)

Zane Lamprey is a comedian, actor, editor, producer, and writer for television and movies. He grew up in Syracuse and attended SUNY Cortland in Cortland, New York where he majored in fine arts and minored in theatre. He has had a varied career in entertainment. Early in his career he worked on several projects for Comedy Central, VH1 and Nickelodeon. He was also a cast member on MTV's Damage Control and host of VH1's reality show Motormouth. He is best known for hosting Three Sheets, which ran on MOJO HD from 2006 through 2008, Fine Living channel in 2009 and the Travel Channel in 2010. He also hosted Have Fork, Will Travel, which previously ran on Food Network, a show similar to Three Sheets focusing on local food and eating customs. The February/March 2009 of Mutineer Magazine featured an extensive interview with Zane Lamprey, which highlighted Lamprey's views of fine beverage and the evolution of Three Sheets. Zane Lamprey appeared on the April/May 2009 cover of Mutineer Magazine, which also featured an exclusive behind the scenes look at Three Sheets with photos from Lamprey's personal collection.

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About the Zane Lamprey Interview


Thank you everyone! I had great time answering your questions. I tried to get to as many as possible! Sorry if the answers were too brief or if I didn't get to your question.

I'll hop on here later this week to answer a few more!

I hope you tune in to National Geographic Channel tonight at 10:30pm (9:30CT)!



Chug Monday Nights at 10:30pm on NatGeo Channel

The Drinking Jacket

Monkey Rum

Cheers Reddit!

I am Zane Lamprey and I drink and travel for a living. You may know me from my past shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, but now I am happy to say that I will be at it again with my new show Chug which is premiering tonight at 10:30pm on National Geographic Channel.


I had a blast answering your questions last year when we were raising money for Chug on Kickstarter. Thanks to the help of Reddit and the fans, Chug was able to reach its goal and become the first ever crowdfunded television show! Woohoo.

For those who don't know me, I have been to over 60 countries with the purpose of exploring the local drinking cultures and imbibing exotic drinks. I've enjoyed everything from extremely over-priced champagne to liquor with dead animals (snakes, scorpions, etc) in it.

I also make drinking apparel from time-to-time and have a new kickstarter for The Drinking Jacket: The Ultimate Drinking Accessory.

I'll be answering questions over the next few hours so AMA.


Zane Lamprey Nov 24, 2014