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Trevor Moran (2014)

Trevor Moran, is an American recording artist and YouTube personality.

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About the Trevor Moran Interview

Hi I'm Trevor. I'm a musician. I was on X-Factor 2 years ago. Many doors have been opened since. I'm part of a popular YouTube channel called O2L, and have my own YouTube channel at YouTube.com/Trevor. I just released a single two days ago called "XIAT." You can check it out here. Something funny about me: I snore really loudly, it's like the worst. And my favorite yummy treat would be a birthday cake milkshake.

I'm excited to answer your questions live from reddit HQ. AMA!


Update: I downloaded the official AMA app, so I'll answer more questions on the go if I can. Thanks for supporting XIAT and I enjoyed answering your questions! Love you!

Trevor Moran Nov 20, 2014