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Chris Jones (2014)

Christopher Anthony Jones is a British singer-songwriter renown for featuring the vocals and lyrics on "Going Wrong", written and produced by Dutch trance/progressive DJ and producer Armin van Buuren plus German trance DJ and producer Roger Shah. This track was present in the Dutch charts for nine successive weeks and has been viewed more than 19,000,000 times on YouTube.

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About the Chris Jones Interview

Hey everybody. I’m here to talk about whatever you’d like—life, writing, my sincere gratitude for all the fish—but especially about my new feature story in Esquire, “Away.” It’s about astronaut Scott Kelly, who will soon be the first American headed into space for an entire year. The mission is an analogue for a future Mars mission—a chance to study the long-term effects of weightlessness, confinement, and homesickness on a generous, sarcastic fifty-year-old man who loves his girlfriend, two daughters, and Texans football.

The story follows Scott’s journey as he prepares to say goodbye. An excerpt is here: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/news/away-scott-kelly-mission-excerpt. It’s about pooping in space, which I thought I should get out of the way quickly. The rest of the story is available for $2.99, because the Joker told me that if you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Sorry if you were expecting one of the athlete Chris Joneses. Boy, are you in the wrong place.


All right, signing out. Thanks for the questions everybody, and I hope you enjoy "Away." Maybe there's a good Vine to be made out of it.

Chris Jones Nov 18, 2014