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Bill Corbett (2014)

Bill Corbett is an American writer and performer for television, film and theatre. He was a writer and performer on the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, for which he voiced the robot Crow T. Robot during the show's later seasons on the Sci Fi Channel and played the character Observer and other minor roles. In 2001, Corbett co-wrote the Sci Fi Channel miniseries The Adventures of Edward the Less with several other former MST3K writers. Corbett also co-wrote the 2008 film Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy. From 2002 to 2006, Corbett was a member of The Film Crew, a movie-riffing comedic team comprising former MST3K costars Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy. Since 2006 Corbett has also recorded audio commentary tracks with Nelson and Murphy for Nelson's RiffTrax service and contributes regular humor posts to the RiffTrax blog.

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About the Bill Corbett Interview

Helllllloooo Reddit! Great to be back here again. Bill Corbett ready to chat. Here's my proof that I am who I am, whether I like being me or not:


I'll be here for the next few hours. Please ask me anything! I will try to get to as many Qs as I can A, honestly, without libeling anyone, ranting obscenely or generally giving law enforcement any further reason to break down the door and throw my desktop into a barrel of acid. Again.

I'm very excited to talk about the new comic book I wrote called SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS, a total retcon of the holiday turning traditional pop-culture Christmas characters into superheroes and supervillains. It's illustrated by artist Len Peralta, and I had the time of my life working on it:




I'd also love to jawbone about RiffTrax & MST3K, and some of the cool stuff still to come for RiffTrax in 2014 Anno Domini. First we have our next simulcast live show with Fathom Events on Thurs. December 4th, the classic weirdo Christmas movie SANTA CLAUS, starring St. Nick himself, a senile Merlin the wizard, a bunch of dancing devils, some creepy giant lips, and MORE:


We'll also have a brand-new short to open that night, from the stoned 1970s people who gave us "At Your Fingertips: Grasses."

AND THEN on Tues. December 16 we're back on TV! ...with a new special for the National Geographic Channel. One of our shows will feature the return of Mr. Richard Terry, the intrepid and beautifully-coiffed hunter of non-existent Demon Bats (who has been an awfully good sport about our wiseassery):


Lastly, I just want to alert bizarre film aficionados that we will soon be releasing one of my favorite RiffTrax offerings ever, a "movie" that rivals SANTA AND THE ICE CREAM BUNNY for pure What The Hell Was That-ness called FUN IN BALLOONLAND. You can get a little preview here:


That is enough. Enough, I say. Let's chat.



UPDATE: Friends, I've been answering questions for the past 3.5 hours and need to go now and deal with family stuff. (Good wholesome stuff like kids and dinner, not crime family intrigue.)

I will try to come back later tonight and answer some questions I didn't get to, but it's looking like there's too many to answer every one in detail. So sorry if I missed yours.

THANK YOU for hanging out with me here, I've really enjoyed it! And I am grateful for your interest in all this odd stuff I do for a living. Cheers!



"The fiiiiinaaall upddaaaaaaaattteee...." [cue Gob Bluth music]

I came back and answered a whole bunch more questions and think I got a goodly percentage of 'em! Questions I didn't get to were ones where it felt like I'd answered already with the similar Q, elsewhere on the page. But apologies if anyone felt left out.

I can't thank you enough for the conversation, and the interest, and in general for being such lovely people. I had a lot of fun and hope you did too. Rock the heck on and THANK YOU, see you back here again sometime!

Bill Corbett Nov 13, 2014