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Michael Berk (2014)

Michael Berk is an American television screenwriter. He worked with Douglas Schwartz as a writer on the television series Manimal, and many made-for-television movies. He wrote the earlier scripts of the series Baywatch, but is best known as the creator, co-producer, and writer of the television series The Wizard.

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About the Michael Berk Interview

I started writing and producing motorcycle movies for Roger Corman in the 70's, wrote and produced Emmy Award winning movies and created The Wizard for CBS, then Baywatch for NBC in the 80's. When Baywatch was cancelled in the 90's I bought the rights back for $10.00. Everyone passed so I produced it in syndication and according to the Guinness Book Or World Records it became the most watched show in TV history. I started a VOD channel, Vegas On Demand in 2000, wrote Soul Surfer in 2011, and I'm ready to produce Baywatch The Movie starring The Rock as Mitch Buchanon in 2015.

Also have a new digital VOD channel called Weed TV, dedicated to the marijuana lifestyle.

Please ask me anything. Proof!

My friends Jeffrey and Marc, the Drop Stop boys, will be assisting me today.

EDIT: Well I have to wrap this up for now. Hopefully I can come back soon and we can pick up where we left off. Please leave me any last notes or messages on how I did and what I can do to improve next time. Until then,
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Michael Berk Oct 30, 2014