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Jane Jensen (2014)

Jane Jensen is the game designer of the popular and critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure games and author of the novels Judgment Day and Dante's Equation.

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About the Jane Jensen Interview

Jane Jensen co-designed her first computer game, King's Quest VI, in 1992. She's the creator of the Gabriel Knight series of adventure games, Gray Matter, Moebius: Empire Rising, and numerous casual games. She's also published two thrillers--Millennium Rising and Dante's Equation. Her newest game is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father's 20th Anniversary Edition due out Oct 15, 2014 from her indie studio Pinkerton Road.


I'm calling it for now! Thanks for your questions. It's been fun trying to answer them all. (is there a timer? did I 'win'?). I'll check back in later to follow up.

Jane Jensen Oct 09, 2014