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Chris Hunt (2014)

Chris Hunt is a British journalist, magazine editor, and author. He has worked in journalism for over twenty years, most often writing about football or rock music. He was managing editor of Match from 1993 to 2001, a period that saw the weekly title become Britain's biggest selling football magazine. Between 2001 and 2006 he was the Editor of a series of special editions of UK music magazines, Mojo, Q, Uncut and New Musical Express, producing themed publications on subjects such as The Beatles, U2, Kurt Cobain, Oasis, punk rock and mod. He was the editor of the series of three special editions of Mojo magazine that told the story of The Beatles one thousands days at a time - the three magazines were eventually published as the book, The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook The World, by Dorling Kindersley in 2004. His book, World Cup Stories: The History Of The FIFA World Cup, was published in April 2006 to accompany a BBC television series of the same name. The book was updated in November 2006 and published in a Greek language edition in 2010. His second book about the tournament, The Compact Book Of The World Cup, was published in 2010 in both the UK and North America.

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About the Chris Hunt Interview

I am working on Kenshi, a squad-based sandbox RPG with RTS element. I started the project solo, somewhere between 6-8 years ago. The first 4ish years I spent working alone whilst working 2 nights a week as a part-time security guard, living the cheap life.

During this time I turned down a job with a AAA developer, and kept batting away the advances of a publisher that wanted to give me half a million dollars.

When I finally released the first early-access version end of 2011 it instantly made me enough of an income to quit my part-time job and work on the game full-time, with the occasional freelancer.

When Steam started Greenlight almost 2 years ago I jumped in and Kenshi got approved in the first batch! Money rolled in and I have been taking my time since then slowly recruiting a super skilled team, we're now up to 6 people.

Some useful links:

Greenlit on Steam in 2013


More info on our website


Got some attention on Reddit back in 2012


Proof that we’re us:



I will be answering most of the questions, but other team members may drop in if it matches their field. I will list them here if they do:

Myself- Chris Hunt, Head Developer - Captain_Deathbeard

Kole Hicks, Sound Designer & Composer - …………………………….

We’ll be around to chat all day today.

Free Steam keys!

The top 3 questions or comments with the most upvotes will win a free Steam key for Kenshi.

So please ask away :)

EDIT Finished! I need to sleep now, thanks for all your friendly questions!

Chris Hunt Oct 09, 2014