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Hooman Majd (2013)

Hooman Majd, born 1957 in Tehran, is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and commentator who writes on Iranian affairs. He is based in New York City and regularly travels to Iran.

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About the Hooman Majd Interview

My new book, The Ministry Of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay, follows my year traveling back to my birth country of Iran. I brought my American family and we spent our time living under an Islamic and authoritarian system, while I searched for the meaning of ‘home’.

Proof: https://twitter.com/hmajd/status/410524004358033408

Thanks for all of the questions. You can find out more about THE MINISTRY OF GUIDANCE INVITES YOU TO NOT STAY here: http://smarturl.it/RedditMinistry

Hooman Majd Dec 11, 2013