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Benjaman Kyle (2012)

Benjaman Kyle is the pseudonym adopted by a man who has dissociative amnesia. He was discovered unconscious on August 31, 2004, in Richmond Hill, Georgia, and is believed to be about 64 years old. He had been unable to obtain employment without a Social Security number. He is the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known.

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About the Benjaman Kyle Interview

I woke up beaten with no memories outside of a burger king in 2004. Any identification was stolen as well. The Amnesia was presumed to have been caused by an injury that knocked me unconscious. The United States government still doesn't have a clue as to who I was. My internet connection is spotty, so I'll be on as long as I can. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjaman_Kyle
Here is proof: http://imgur.com/OCqRk, and here is more (a copy of the only ID card I have with the address covered). http://imgur.com/YjiBv

There's a short documentary that explains my predicament on
, or https://vimeo.com/34589969
After the documentary, I got a special state ID, and a job in a kitchen, where i still am to this day.

Please sign the petition to get me a new social security number.

I have to go, but I will try to get back when I have a good connection and the time.

UPDATE: To the websleuths page claiming that this is fake, read:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jul/10/man-with-no-memory-america (towards the bottom)
and http://www.findingbenjaman.com/cynics-corner-3/

UPDATE 11/26: If you are serious about arranging travel, please email findingbenjaman@gmail.com, and jtw439@gmail.com

Also, Please be aware that I do want to fix this but I also have a full time job in which people depend on me. I cannot take the time to go find a WI-Fi and respond to everything that is posted.

Benjaman Kyle Nov 25, 2012